Sandy Holden – Reasons to be Hopeful

I recently took part in a project run by Leeds Playhouse called ‘Reasons to be Hopeful’. This was an online project via Zoom meeting once a week and related to the pandemic.  You can find out more about this project and the types of art that were made on the Leeds Playhouse website:

There were 10 different groups made up of 10 creative people. I chose to join the Textiles group run by Charlotte.  We were asked to make seven A5 pieces that would hang vertically. Each of the individual pieces had to represent a letter in the word HOPEFUL and the images we made could reflect our personal experience of the pandemic.

My chosen words are listed here along with a brief description of the images

Happy, I have made a lot of paper and fabric flowers during the pandemic and I have been obsessed with researching different flower forms and working out ways in which to represent them. Having a headful of thoughts of flowers was a great distraction and focus.

Outdoors, I love the outdoors and during the pandemic my garden became even more important to me.

People, I represented this by stitching the word HUG as I missed hugging people.

Emotion, like many people emotions were up and down and all in between so I represented this in abstract form.

Future, looking forward with bright and optimistic eyes.

Unity, hands around the globe all working together during the pandemic.

Love, keep spreading love and best wishes to everyone.

The completed work of 100 creative people is currently exhibited in Café area of the Playhouse. Why not pop down and take a look.  These photos show the work in progress and then some professional photos of the work hanging in the café which were taken by Tim Dunk.

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