Who’s who

The Staff Team

James Hill (Director)
Sarah Cockburn (Operations Manager)
Alice Clayden (Creative Programme Coordinator)
Nicola Lines (Autism and Learning Disability Digital Inclusion Coordinator)

The Core Arts Team

Tom Bailey, Matthew Bellwood, Leigh Bowser, Alice Burford, Alice Clayden, Tim Curtis, Rachel Dean, James Heselwood, Sandy Holden, Karen Hood, Pete Hudspith, Judith Kennedy, Lorna Johnstone, Nicola Lines, James Mabbett, Rosie McAndrew, Iman Meghraoua, Edward Mortimer, Seb Munday, Cassy Oliphant, Lucy Proctor, Wendy Robinson, Julie Shackleton, Caz Stiff and Kate Woodfield.

The Trustees

Liam Hirst (Chair), Mindy Goose (Vice Chair), Alison Andrews, Anne-Marie Atkinson, Liz Axten, Gill Crawshaw.

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