Policies and Procedures

You can download copies of all our Policies and Procedures from this page.

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We have a Glossary of Terms which defines some of the words and phrases in our policies.

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Our policies and procedures:

Capability Procedure

Code of Conduct

Compliments and Complaints Procedure

Conflict of Interests Policy

Data Protection Policy

Dependents Leave Policy

Digital Devices and Internet Usage Policy

Dignity and Respect Policy

Disciplinary Procedure

Environmental Policy

Equality Diversity and Inclusion

Expenses Policy

Grievance Procedure

Health and Safety Policy

Lone Working Policy

Mentoring Policy

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

Parental Leave and Pay Policy

Personal Safety and Security Statement

Photographs and Video Recordings of People Policy

Privacy Statement

Project Proposals Procedure

Recruitment and Selection Policy

Recruitment, Induction and Training for Arts Facilitators

Recruitment, Induction and Training for Volunteers

References Policy

Remote Sessional Work Policy

Reserves Policy

Risk Assessment and Management Policy Statement

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Protection Policy

Social Media Policy

Support Worker Guidelines

Whistleblowing Procedure

Working from Home Policy

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