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During Autumn Term 2016, the High Rise groups used the theme of Winter Stories to create their own performances, visual arts and sensory experiences.

The culmination of this work was shown at the Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mills on Saturday 21st January, 2017.

The programme can be viewed above (click on photo for a larger image)


Find out more about each story by clicking the links below:



Artists: Adam Hopkins, Adam Hussain, Alistair Morgan, Andrea Clisby, Anna Ward, Anna-Marie Garbutt, Annie Park, Anthony Jima, Ben Brook, Bev Remmington, Brenda Bagshaw, Cassy Oliphant, Caz Stiff, Chris Walden, Craig Trigwell, Daisy Wray, David Wragg, Debra Hughes, Dominique Ghatoara, Edward Mortimer, Fiona Harrison, Jade Murphy, Jan Tynan, Jessica Smith, Jill Stoves, Johnny Tabor, Julie Shackleton, Karanveer Singh, Karlene Morren, Kelly Shine, Kim Otter, Louise Leary, Lynne Hemingway, Molly Bradshaw, Pam Broadbent, Patsy Wolliter, Patricia Ndhlovu, Pippa Cohen, Rebecca Bowes, Roy Morton, Sammy Holden, Sean Howe, Seb Munday, Shane Fowler, Sian Hulley, Sophie Deakin, Sophie Sheerin, Stephen Coates, Stephen Farrell, Susan Johnson, Toni Beardsall

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