Next Step Pyramid – Digital Literacy

This Next Step Pyramid project explored the concepts of digital inclusion and exclusion. The group met a coordinator from 100% Digital Leeds to talk about how they all used digital technologies in their own lives.  The group then made artwork to share this information with others. 

The group talked about what life would be like if they were digitally excluded.  They identified the barriers that some people with learning disabilities face, such as not having accessible equipment, knowledge, confidence or support from carers to help them to get online. 

Conor created his own laptop from cardboard and paint and made changeable computer screens to illustrate the different activities he enjoys online, like talking to his family over Zoom.

Hannah explained that when she feels stressed she likes to go on YouTube to search for videos of underwater scenes. She created her own fish tank out of painted acrylic to illustrate this activity.

“Looking at the fish on my tablet helps me relax.”

Ella uses TikTok to find educational resources which help her to learn.

“I love learning and it’s easy to do it when the videos are short and fun.”

Lewis loves to go on TikTok on his tablet as he can find a lot of short, entertaining videos.  He created his own cardboard tablet with a set of changeable images for the screen.

“TikTok means that I can always look at my favourite characters.”

Alicia enjoys watching gymnastics on her tablet. She created illustrations of Olympic divers in different stages of motion to represent the videos she likes the most. 

“I can easily search for all of the things I like and watch them for free.”

James uses YouTube and Spotify to discover new music.

He made a collage of some of his newest discoveries, which were placed carefully behind a stencil cut into the shape of Japan. He used Google Translate to find out how to write their names in Japanese text. 

“I have heard so much new music using Spotify. It can make a real difference to your mood and help to keep you calm when life is stressful.” 

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