Booking Now: Foundation Training

Booking Now: Foundation Training

The Foundation training is arts-based and interactive, giving participants a chance to experiment with new techniques in a supportive environment. The training equips people with a greater understanding of some of the challenges facing people with learning disabilities and enables them to provide appropriate support.
Specifically the training covers:

– An introduction to collaborative arts work
– An introduction to communication skills
– Disability equality and learning disability awareness
– Basic facilitation and health and safety
– Useful policies and procedures (using Pyramid as an example)

The Foundation Training comprises of three stand-alone training sessions:

The Pyramid Way: Gives people a basis of knowledge and understanding from which to develop positive relationships with a range of people, including those with disabilities (visible or hidden) (Wednesday 1st November 2017, evening)

Practicalities: An introduction to safe working in your arts group (facilitation, health and safety, policies and procedures) (Wednesday 8th November 2017, evening)

Working Together: A practical introduction to collaborative working and communication in arts projects (Sunday 12th November 2017, full-day)

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The full cost of the course is £160. Concessionary rate available for small organisations / individuals on a low income. Please ask for details.

Contact us to book a place.

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