Big Hand 2012 – 2023

The Big Hand was created by Pyramid in 2012 as part of Cultural Olympiad celebration of the London Olympics.

The hand holds a clock and was created with a steel frame but otherwise with organic materials, designed to change throughout the years. It was originally exhibited at Thwaite Mills and at Millennium Square for Light Night. Since 2015 it has been situated on site at Pyramid HQ in Holbeck.

Pyramid members periodically reimagine and redecorate The Big Hand, with different artists contributing additions and changes. This year’s additions have been created by Pyramid’s Legends and Ribblehead groups.

The Legends group created a sustainable textiles clock face and bug hotels for the hand’s base, made from a recycled drum kit. The Ribblehead group created mosaic work which is displayed around the hand.

Photos by Mindy Goose.

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