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Opportunities like Pyramid have always been hard to come by for people with learning disabilities, autism or both. Public funding for arts and culture in England has been drastically reduced over the past 14 years, with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport budget reduced by almost a quarter, and Arts Council England’s budget by around 30%. We have seen local authorities face unprecedented challenges in balancing their budgets and struggling to maintain support for cultural initiatives and community services. Many arts organisations catering to marginalised communities (such as individuals with learning disabilities) have experienced significant funding cuts or complete loss of financial support.

As a result, the burden of sustaining these essential programs falls increasingly on the shoulders of charitable organisations like ours and, despite the challenges, our commitment to fostering inclusivity and providing enriching cultural and creative experiences for individuals with learning disabilities and autism remains unwavering.

For 35 years Pyramid has been making space for people with learning disabilities, autism, or both to discover the arts and develop their own creative practice to become well known and world-class artists. We disrupt the social and institutional barriers that prevent them from being recognised, supported and celebrated.

We are very grateful to everyone who supports Pyramid, by volunteering, donating, fundraising, and promoting our work. Here’s some of the ways you can get involved:

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