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A year in the making, this beautiful and strictly limited boxed publication has been created by many artists with learning disabilities. It celebrates their work and asks the question ‘What else needs to happen before artists with learning disabilities can really take the lead?’.

There are only 100 copies of this publication in existence and each one is individually numbered.  It is packed with information and includes postcards packs, beer mats, newspapers, reports, plans, pictures and stories.

The full contents are;

Introductory Essay / Postcard pack by Liam Hirst, Riad Lake, William Stapleton, James Hill and Jenny Laskowsky.

‘In Our Own Words – Interviews with Artists with Learning Disabilities’.

‘No You Can’t, Yes I Can’ by Matthew Watson.

‘Moan Mats’ – beer mat and newspaper by Stephen Harvey.

‘The Sausage Atlas’ by Andrew Towse and Anne-Marie Atkinson.

‘Sausage Sandwiches, Art & Collaboration: A Serious Review’ by Anne-Marie Atkinson.

‘Can Everybody See It – A response to Arts Council England’s request for a consultation on their new 10-year strategy’ by Barbara Whiteley, James Hill, Julie Shackleton, Kelly Shine, Liam Hirst, Matthew Watson, Stephen Harvey, Tom Bailey.

‘The Adventure of Square’ graphic novel by Liam Hirst.

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