“My art celebrates colour, shape and surface pattern. It explores identity, breaks boundaries and celebrates the small joys that can be found in everyday life.

“I am a multimedia artist and enjoy working across different art forms, depending on the project. Recently my practice has been focusing on experimenting with printmaking; primarily screen printing and mono printing.

“I also explore photography, ceramics, painting and textiles. I create large scale pieces which have a distinct, recognizable colour palette. I like to use bold, contrasting colours to create layers of images and text that encourage the viewer to look at the world around them differently.”

Ria’s iconic large scale artwork Graffiti Man is available as a poster and postcard, in our webshop.

Exhibitions and Commissions:

Integrated Society, Any work that wanted doing exhibition at Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mills, Sep 2023-Jan 2024.  https://anywork.org.uk/

The Decider and The System is like a jigsaw puzzle – Irregular Art Schools exhibition at The School of Fine Art, History of Art & Cultural Studies, University of Leeds, January 2023 https://irregularartschools.org/

Irregular Art School in-progress exhibition at Assembly House, August 2022

Portraits, exhibition at Left Bank, November 2021

Turn Up the Volume, mural for Meanwood Street Art, May 2021

Don’t believe everything you think, Slung Low pop up exhibition, September 2020

The changes we make, art work and poetry, featured in Drawn Poorly Zine, Issue 7: Care Click here to buy

Hidden Art / Hidden Artists at The Tetley, Leeds, November 2019 – July 2020

BEYOND at Archive, Leeds, October 2019

Pyramid30 exhibition, Archive, October 2019

Life bloody needs Art at Brick Box Rooms, Bradford, August 2019

Arts & Minds Annual Exhibition at St Johns Centre, Leeds, June 2019

No one is you and that is your power at Swarthmore, Leeds, March 2019

Excessive Human Collective Exhibition at Wharf Chambers, Leeds, January 2019

BEYOND Festival – solo exhibition at Leeds Town Hall & Studio 24, June 2018

Group work

Axis, Pyramid and KCat artist exchange / collaborative installation, May 2023

Ultimate Thunder UV installation designed backdrop for Ultimate Thunder gig at Wharf Chambers, 2019

Flock of Sheep adapted bicycle performance, Tour De Yorkshire on Millennium Square, Leeds, May 2019

Multiples Installation at Central Library for Leeds Light Night 2018

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