RB: I explore surrealism and realism within my art practice. I enjoy sketching designs that have a 3D quality and a sense of perspective. I like playing with the balance of reality and fantasy when creating my landscapes.

I like creating interactive pieces such as including easter eggs which is a term used in gaming for hidden symbols or objects that are placed within my pictures. The easter eggs I use remind me of where’s wally, this adds a playful element to my work.

Rock Jaw

Within my ocean scene I have played with lighting effects using watercolour to create an ethereal underwater landscape. This landscape is the home of Rock Jaw a giant armoured merboy, who is a character I have designed myself. I am particularly proud of this piece of work.

Gold Heart

Another character I have created is Gold Heart a character who is based on myself. He is the main character within my fantasy stories who is heroic, brave, intelligent, and caring.


Within my current sketches I have drawn inspiration from my trip to Malta, looking at the historic landmarks within the country such as the fortresses built in World War 2, the grand cathedrals, and their ornate architecture. I have used my photography skills to use as reference images for my drawings including images I took of the megalithic temples.

work in progress:

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