Matthew Watson

Matthew Watson works in sculpture, painting, illustration and installation, often mixing these elements together.  He is also the lead vocalist in Ultimate Thunder.

 Apron or Hairdryer? A Matthew Watson Experience

This short film by Ben G Brown documents Matthew working on his most recent project.

Other Projects

Ultimate Thunder’s self-titled debut album is available at:

‘Thought Maps’ was a sculptural installation at the BEYOND Festival in 2018, accompanied by the zine ‘NO YOU CAN’T, YES I CAN’, which formed part of the publication, ‘BEYOND, Artists with Learning Disabilities Taking the Lead’

Matthew has sold paintings to private collections and his painting ‘Construction’ has been the signature image for the BEYOND Festival since its inception in 2015. ‘Construction’ was also selected to be exhibited in the Expressions exhibition at KCAT in Ireland in 2015.

As part of Pyramid’s Eden Group, Matthew has contributed to permanent sculptures in Leeds, and created work for the Index Festival in response to Yorkshire Sculpture International.

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