Liam Hirst

Liam works with sound, sculpture and publication to explore his experiences as an artist and young person with autism, and to explore and imagine positive social environments of the present and future.

In 2018 Liam created The Adventure of Square, a graphic novel exploring his experiences as a young man with autism becoming an artist. To create this novel, he travelled from Leeds to Glasgow, Wiltz and Dortmund, exploring brutalist architecture and organisations that support work by artists with learning disabilities. The resulting publication is available from our shop. To go to the shop, click here.

While working with the Beam Team in 2013 he created ideaLeeds, an interactive sound and sculpture installation which was displayed at the Howard Assembly Room, Light Night in Leeds and the Nuit des Lampions in Wiltz, Luxembourg.

Liam has been a member of Pyramid since he is 13. He has been a member of the Youth Group, the Beam Team, and is currently a member of D1 where he works with James Hill on arts projects, and on strategic development and fundraising for the charity. He is a trustee and Vice Chair of Pyramid, and a member of the Members’ Council.

Liam has been involved in the following projects;


‘Hidden Art / Hidden Artists’ at the Tetely, current – for more information click here.

‘Leeds to Innovation’ at Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mills – current. For more information, click here.

‘#Pyramid30’ animation and projection at Light Night Leeds, 2019

‘The Adventure of Square’ exhibition at Studio 24, the BEYOND Festival 2018

‘Pilgrimage City’ portable sculpture for Light Night 2015. For more information, click here.

Solo – publications

‘BEYOND – Artists with Learning Disabilities Taking the Lead’ introductory essay, 2019. For more information, click here.

‘The Adventure of Square’ graphich novel, 2018.  For more information, click here.

The Beam Team (with Scott Anderson and William Stapleton)

‘ideaLeeds’ at the Howard Assembly Room, Leeds, 2014

‘ideaLeeds’ at Nuit des Lampions, Wiltz, Luxembourg, 2014

‘ideaLeeds’ at Light Night Leeds 2014

‘ideaLeeds’ at Breeze on Tour, 2014

For more information on ‘ideaLeeds’, click here.

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