High Rise Movement – Carnival Parade

High Rise Movement

High Rise Movement spent half of their Autumn term working on a response to their visit at The Tetley, to see the 50 Years of Leeds West Indian Carnival ExhibitionWhat a great response it was too!

The group worked outwards from the basis that many of the costumes took inspiration from their African roots and used birds as inspiration. They were also very taken with the costume, which was created by Hughbon Condor to celebrate the bicentenary abolition of slavery in 2007, called “Man on hos back”. It featured a colonial man on horseback being dragged from his horse by a slave, who then mounts the horse and rides it into a new direction.

Animals became their theme, and featured animals from around the world. They chose music, and paraded around the gallery, as if it was their own Carnival Procession. Anyone in attendance to the gallery that day would have been met with quite the sound and sight!

Below are some of the highlights of the parade.

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