During Learning Disability Week in June 2017, three Aspire CBS Fulfilling Lives centres, who have created some wonderful work, over the last two years, showcased work in Leeds Central Library. Sadly the Aspire Potternewton group, who were set to perform, were unable to get to the 1st Floor exhibition due to an untimely lift breakdown.

However, this was just a minor setback, as Aspire Potternewton opened it’s doors to the public a month later, and the Pyramid of Arts group performed their fantastic creation – ‘Equilibrium’.


Billowing clouds blew across the earth on a cold and stormy day. Father Earth felt sad as whispers on the wind told him of the unsettled argument between water and fire.

It had been building for some time but now the whispers confirmed, “head-to-head they are fighting over Father Earth.”

“The earth is out of balance when we don’t work together.”

The Water Nymph swims in; “We want the land to be full, with rivers and lakes. We want the earth to be full with the sea!”

Then the Fire Spirits soar in; “We want to create energy for mother earth, we want to provide light!”

The earth feels very sad and calls for help from the Birds of Peace. The birds of peace are asleep! We will have to wake them up! And when they wake, they dance upon the air.

“The earth is out of balance when fire and water are fighting! We need to create peace and find a way in which Water and Fire can be together, I cannot do this alone, I will find my flock and we will create calm!”

“If we work together the earth can be balanced and we can live happy!”

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