Become a Trustee

Become a trustee

The Board of Trustees is the group of people legally responsible for leading Pyramid.
The trustees make sure that Pyramid is well-run, and that it delivers its Charitable Objectives.

Our main charitable objective is to promote the integration of people with and without learning disabilities through the creative arts.

Trustees come from all sorts of different backgrounds and it’s great to have a mix of trustees who each bring their own unique experience, knowledge and skills. We would especially welcome more enquiries from people of the global majority and disabled people.

Our trustees are people who know about one or more of these things:

  • Working in the arts and creative industries
  • Support and services for people with a learning disability
  • Strategic and business planning
  • Access and Inclusion
  • Finances, accounting and/or fundraising
  • Employment, HR and staff support / mentoring
  • PR, marketing and publicity
  • Charity governance and legal responsibilities

If you are interested in becoming a trustee, please get in touch (click here for contact details).  We will arrange an informal chat with a senior staff member or trustee, and you can attend a Board meeting as an observer to learn more about what’s involved.

The recruitment process is informal, and whilst we will want to know a bit about you, a written application / CV is not a requirement. We will do our very best to provide support for any access needs you may have, please let us know how we can help.

What do trustees do?

The Board meets every three months.

Trustees’ main responsibilities are

  • Making sure Pyramid keeps within the law
  • Making sure Pyramid follows its constitution (the rules which say how Pyramid should be run)*
  • Making sure Pyramid’s money and staff are used well to help creative people with a learning disability

Trustees also have responsibility for:

  • Appointing and line-managing the Director
  • Health and Safety
  • Financial monitoring
  • Writing the Annual Trustee Report (which goes with our financial accounts) each year
  • Attending sub-group or staff meetings as required

* Click here to open / download a copy of our rules (.pdf)

What skills do trustees need?

Trustees need to be able to deal with many different, and sometimes complicated, matters.  It is important that the trustees:

  • Can work well with the other trustees, and the staff
  • Can keep things private and confidential
  • Can help to make decisions. This means going to meetings, understanding information, asking questions and taking part in discussions.
  • Can handle pressure and difficult situations if they arise

Who can be a trustee?

Anyone who:

  • Is a legal member of Pyramid (you can sign up when you become a trustee)
  • Has been nominated to stand in the trustee elections by any other legal members of Pyramid (usually the other trustees make these nominations)
  • Is over 18 years old

You cannot be a trustee if:

  • You are employed by Pyramid (this does not include freelance workers)
  • The law says you are disqualified. (You can be disqualified for things like being convicted of a crime involving dishonesty or deception; having been declared bankrupt; having been removed from being a trustee of another charity)

What training and support do trustees get?

All trustees complete the Pyramid Foundation Training course and an Introduction to Safeguarding.

Trustees are invited to complete further Pyramid training, and other external courses to help them in their duties. We will talk to new trustees to find out what training and support they will need.

How long is a trustee term of office?

Trustees are normally elected at the Annual General Meeting to serve a 4-year term of office. They can stand down before the four years is up if they wish. They may stand for a second term.

Further information

We strongly recommend that you read the Charity Commission’s guidance for new trustees before applying. You can read or download it here:

You can use this self-assessment questionnaire to help you think about the skills you might bring to the Board: self-evaluation trustee skills audit

You can read more about our Strategic Aims and Charitable Objectives at

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