Activities at Home

Activities at Home

Instructions for arts activities you can do at home! Easy, simple and fun.

Please share photos of your finished work with us, and we will put them on our website (email


Click on the text to open or download the instructions (.pdf format):

Template of Pyramid logo (to colour or stencil)

Bubble-wrap printing

Make a nature collage

Drawing a double portrait

Vegetable printing

Kitchen cupboard art

Pop-up art

Make a badge

Tray painting

Make a paper ornament or garland

Ideas for an immersive sensory environment (web page)

Click on the text to watch a video demonstration:

Morning stretch routine (seated)

Make a sensory hooploop

Make an origami heart



These activities mostly use household items but for some you will need arts and craft materials (like paint).

If you’re a Pyramid member, get in touch with us if you need help getting materials.  (Call 0113 234 6040 or email

Start saving things like newspapers and cardboard from cereal packets – you might be able to re-use them in your art!

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