A Legendary Trip Out

Elders Group - A Legendary Trip Out

Our Elders Group worked together to talk and think about their ideal, perfect trip out. If they could go anywhere for a day, where would they go and what they would like to see? The group produced light painting, song, animation and eventually this lovely film where they remember, discuss and think about, trips through the countryside, to the seaside, where you can ride donkeys, go to the funfair, go charity shopping and enjoy fish, chips and a cup of tea on the sea front.

Artists for this project were: Anthony Cox, Barrie Nelson, Christopher Taylor, Daniella Bastow, Ian Wilson, John Bilham, John Densley, Kevin Sharkey, Lilly Lavorato, Margaret Groves, Natalie Kyrkos, Oyidya Ndukwe, Penny Lewis, Verity Wong.

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