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Pyramid pin badge.

High quality hand-painted enamel pin badge of the Pyramid logo in teal/white.

Fridge magnet by Darren Tyreman

Fridge magnet 7cm x 4.5cm with untitled artwork by Darren Tyreman.

'Family of Cats' pocket mirror by Claire Foster.

Pocket Mirror – ‘Family of Cats’ by Claire Foster

Pocket mirror – ‘Family of Cats’ by Claire Foster, created for Pyramid’s 30th birthday.

Postcards (pack of 5) by Nigel Hutton

Pack of 5 postcards by Nigel Hutton of the Eden Group – untitled image created to celebrate 30 years of Pyramid.

The Clockwork Heart (graphic novel)

The Clockwork Heart is a graphic novel by Maisie. 

It was produced as a Platform project, Pyramid’s new initiative providing artists with a learning disability with a 12 week mentoring programme to develop a personal creative project.

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