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Totemic! was a series of summer workshops for young people for the Breeze Arts Festival 2016, in which the group used polystyrene to make large scale totem poles.  The totem poles were mobile, and on the day of the festival the group met in town and decided which venues in the city to ‘hack’ with their own artwork.  The day finished at The Tetley for a pop-up exhibition on Brewery Green.



Artists: Ava Armstrong, Bradley Probets, Carolyn Stiff, Daisy Hance, Edward Mortimer, Izzi Stockton, Jaden Trickett, James Hill, Jessica Timms, Julie Shackleton, Lewis Robinson, Lily Trickett, Nathaniel Jackson, Noel McCredie, Penny Lewis, Rachel Allison, Sukhvinder Sond, Thom Whysall, Thomas Chalk, Verity Wong, William Stapleton

This project was supported by Leeds City Council’s Breeze Arts Festival

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