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Buy Adipex In Usa, Buy Phentermine 37.5 Tablets Online

The members of Pyramid have developed a set of strategic aims to help us do this.  These are:

1. We will give people with learning disabilities chances to be part of the arts
This means making sure we provide opportunities for people with learning disabilities to get involved in creative projects, and to visit cultural venues and events.

2. We will show the public what people with learning disabilities can do
This means we make sure the work produced by our members is exhibited and that the public get to see it.  We have helped to set up the Best Site To Order Tramadol Online to make sure there are lots of public exhibitions and performances by people with learning disabilities.

3. We will make sure the right people know about our work and can take part
There are approximately 15,000 people with learning disabilities in Leeds.  We want to make sure that people know about us, so they can decide if they would like to join in.  We attend marketplace events, and promote ourselves through learning disability networks and to Adult Social Care care managers.

4. We will have a good place to do our work
We currently run most of our groups from a large rented unit.  We like having a big space to make big art!  We will continue to try and save money so that we will be able to afford our own building one day.

5. We will get the most out of our money and keep working to bring money in, to keep Pyramid going
The Director and Operations Manager are responsible for writing funding applications to pay for our projects.
Members pay a contribution towards our costs to attend sessions.
The Board of Trustees and our Accountant make sure that we are spending the money we do have properly.

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