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Call-out to the Care System

Do you have experience of the care system? Would you like to tell your story through a piece of art?


Pyramid artist By Tramadol Online is working on an exhibition about social care.  She says, “I would like some other people with care experiences of the care system to help me, I don’t just want the art work to be about me. I want to hear all kinds of stories from young people to professionals who have experienced ‘The System’ and understand how tough it is to go through it.

The artwork can be of any form; Drawing, Illustrations, Music, Poems, Animation, Film, Drama, Stories – written and/or illustrated.

I encourage you to do anything you want to do in any art form, your work will then be exhibited and displayed alongside mine. You will also be invited to the exhibition opening.”

Work can be exhibited anonymously if preferred. 


If you would like to take part, please contact Alice: 0113 234 6040 /


Artwork by Ria


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